About Becs

Born in the UK, but spent early childhood years in Bangalore I became mesmerized by the rich colours and landscapes of India at a very young age.
Having studied art in the 1990’s I was inspired by the impressionists, and in particular, Monet’s water lilies, which brought me back to my childhood and the rich landscapes of India.  
After a career spent travelling the world and broadening my palate of inspiration, textures, and colours, I’ve tried to translate everything I’ve seen and learned into my work.

I like to experiment with textures and colours and typically work with acrylic and mixed medium to achieve the purest representation of my lived experience that’s designed to connect with both lovers of art and those that just like to accent a room with something beautiful and thought provoking.

The aim....To create colour and a positive feel to fit easily in any space. To share my memories through shape and colour

Who is your perfect customer?
Just someone who falls in love with what they see and thinks “I want to see that everyday’

Becs xx